• Boost Juice Bars

    Super healthy, fresh and tasty, Boost serves up a huge range of colourful smoothies, juices, crushes and snacks....

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  • Bau Truong

    Bau Truong serves up modern fusion Vietnamese. Think Vietnamese taco with slow cooked meat, fresh herbs and chilli or Vietnamese pizza with a rice cracker base....

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  • Kurtosh

    Kürtősh house is the culmination of yearning to recreate what home feels like – comfortable, cozy, relaxing, flawed, unquestionably accepting, eclectic and sweet....

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  • Maker's Dozen

    A distinct collection of 12 retailers each with big personality – from dessert and pastry creators to craft beer aficionados and fusion food specialists. A place for food lovers to come together, to experience quality yet casual food in an exceptionally designed space that transforms from day to night....

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